What Speaks to You?

Tell me what design speaks to you by leaving a comment!

Top 10 trending design styles:

  • Modern
    • Clean, streamlined, and neutral. Minimal, symmetrical, and strong geometric shapes.


  • Country
    • Floral, pops of color, and rustic. Vintage, character, and cozy.
  • Industrial 
    • Metal, Concrete, and white. Exposed pipes, brick, and wood.

  • Eclectic 
    • Color, contrast, and texture. Cohesion, pattern, and modern.

  • Traditional
    • Mid-tones, floral, and classic. Order, intricate detail, and neatness. Cottage-style-living-room-with-Pottery-Barn-sectional-and-vintage-accents.-Rustic-&-Woven
  • Rustic 
    • Whites, earth tones, contrast. Shiplap, exposed beams, and iron elements.
  • Coastal 
    • Blue tones, natural, white. Light material, nautical accessories, and wood floors.

  • Contemporary
    • Clean, solids, and pop of color. Sleek lines, metal, and graphic elements.

  • Tropical 
    • Bright colors, rich tones, and muted rugs. Wood, palm leaves, and Polynesian.

  • Elegant
    • White, grey, and pastels. Crystals, shimmer, and fur.
*All photos curtesy of Pinterest.


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