To anyone and everyone who is reading, this blog is all things design. Whether it may be designs from my home, designs that inspire, or crafty finds, ill be posting it all! Check out my Instagram account which is linked at the bottom of the blog. I will be uploading the featured pictures from my blog posts to the account.

What Speaks to You?

Tell me what design speaks to you by leaving a comment!

Top 10 trending design styles:

  • Modern
    • Clean, streamlined, and neutral. Minimal, symmetrical, and strong geometric shapes.


  • Country
    • Floral, pops of color, and rustic. Vintage, character, and cozy.
  • Industrial 
    • Metal, Concrete, and white. Exposed pipes, brick, and wood.

  • Eclectic 
    • Color, contrast, and texture. Cohesion, pattern, and modern.

  • Traditional
    • Mid-tones, floral, and classic. Order, intricate detail, and neatness. Cottage-style-living-room-with-Pottery-Barn-sectional-and-vintage-accents.-Rustic-&-Woven
  • Rustic 
    • Whites, earth tones, contrast. Shiplap, exposed beams, and iron elements.
  • Coastal 
    • Blue tones, natural, white. Light material, nautical accessories, and wood floors.

  • Contemporary
    • Clean, solids, and pop of color. Sleek lines, metal, and graphic elements.

  • Tropical 
    • Bright colors, rich tones, and muted rugs. Wood, palm leaves, and Polynesian.

  • Elegant
    • White, grey, and pastels. Crystals, shimmer, and fur.
*All photos curtesy of Pinterest.


The Start to a New Beginning

I’ve always had an eye for design. Trips to Pier One, Home Goods, or Pottery Barn, are more like trips to the candy store for me. I want to buy everything and immediately start envisioning so many design possibilities. Thank goodness for self control and mobile banking apps to remind me that a 2,000 dollar couch is not in the budget. Although… I am guilty of purchasing all new living room accessories every time the season changes. WHOOPS.

It’s safe to say becoming an interior designer is my biggest dream. The good thing is that for the most part it is a pretty attainable dream. All it takes is a degree from a good college and the right job interview and I could be in clients homes designing away. BUT.. working a 40+ hour week / paying for the degree I already have makes going back to school for four more years / adding four more years worth of loans to be paid for a little scary. So for now.. I BLOG.

Details of décor featured in picture:

I had found the ceramic pineapple around Christmas time and thought it would make a great Christmas present. I gifted it and then later regretted that decision deeply because of how much I wanted it for MYSELF. Anyone who shops at Home Goods knows that once you leave that store, you’ll never see the same items again. And then a miracle happened.. the design gods answered my prayers and placed one last pineapple on one of the Home Goods shelves in April (five months later) just for me to snag. That same trip I purchased the wooden Aloha sign. I struck Home Goods gold that day.

Currently I am using the pineapple as a center piece on my coffee table. With the all-white geometric design it adds a nice pop of modern element to my eclectic/traditional living room. For a pop of color, I arranged three vibrant colored vases (which tie in to my pillows) around the pineapple.

The wooden Aloha is placed on the ledge of my window next to a carved wooden Tiki that I got from my Hawaii trip. These two wooden elements add cool island vibes to the living room. And who doesn’t love island vibes?

  • Ceramic Pineapple priced at $12.99. Home Goods.
  • Wooden Aloha priced at $14.99. Home Goods.
  • Small ceramic vases priced at $3.50. Michaels.